Devils Bridge


Around 4 miles RT to stand on top of a bridge and take awesome pictures and have an unforgettable time.

Distance:            4.04 mile round-trip
Time:                     2-3 hours
Start:                    Dry Creek Road parking lot
Difficulty:            Medium
Elevation Gain:  260ft
Fee:     Free

This is a very popular trail and we had a hard time finding a parking spot even though the parking lot is of decent size. You can either follow the Chuck wagon trail or take the road. The trail is longer and less direct, but it avoids the road which is also used by vehicles – you may end up eating a lot of dust on the road. If you have a Jeep or truck, you may be able to drive down the road to the small parking lot further down.

At some point, the Chuck wagon trail came really close to the road and we unknowingly switched trails. If you stay on the Chuck Wagon trail it comes out directly where it becomes the Devils Bridge trail and heads East. There is a parking lot where all the high clearance vehicles have to park and everyone has to walk from here on in.

There are some pretty views along the trail, but most of them are near the end of the trail when you start ascending.

There is a good spot to sit and watch and wait for your turn on the bridge. There were about a dozen or two people there during the time we were there and you may have to wait 20-30 minutes for your turn on the bridge. Once you get your turn, you will appreciate the awesomeness of it. Jeri, who is afraid of heights, was holding onto my hand very tightly, but once you are on the top, you realize it isn’t as narrow as it looks.

We had to move it in a bit (or mom would have a heart attack), but we were able to get a fun jumping shot.

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