Canyonlands National Park


Canyonlands National Park is the largest national park in Utah. It was carved by the Colorado and Green rivers. Cataract Canyon is a popular place to go river rafting. The park has four distinct areas:

  1. Island in the Sky (paved roads, visitor center, campgrounds, picnic areas)
  2. The Maze (no paved roads)
  3. The Needles (paved roads, visitor center, campgrounds, picnic areas)
  4. Horseshoe Canyon (no paved roads, this is where Aron Ralston cut off his arm after being trapped by a boulder).

We have only ever been in the first area. Park entrance fee $30/vehicle.

More than 80 arches in the park.  

Our favorite hike in Canyonlands: Island in the Sky

  1. Upheaval Dome
Upheaval Dome

2. Mesa Arch

3. GrandView Point

4. Neck Spring

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