Canyonlands – Neck Spring


A unique hike, but it wasn’t one of our favorites in the park. The most interesting part was seeing the remnants of some of the earlier settlers. They had to get creative when it came to keeping and transporting water.

Distance:             5.81 miles RT
Time:                   3.5 hour
Start:                    Parking Lot off Grand View Point Rd.
Difficulty:            Moderate
Elevation Gain:    799 ft

This was a pretty long hike for the kids, by the end they were pretty worn out.  We started early so we could avoid a hiking in the main heat of the day.  There were some places in the shade and even some water in one or two of the bends, but those areas also had a lot of mosquitoes (they attacked us).  One of these areas also smelled pretty bad but we didn’t hang out long enough to find out what stunk.

See the ruins of several early settlers, see the marks in the rock where they hoisted water from the bottom of the canyon to the top to get water for the cattle.  

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