Escalante Cross


Distance: ~ 1.5 miles RT
Time: 1 hr
Start: Spanish Oaks Campground – 2939 South Spanish Oaks Drive (Above Spanish Oaks Golf Course & just above Spanish Oaks Reservoir).
Difficulty: Family friendly
Elevation Gain: 249 ft

We went on this hike for the first time 5/1/15.  We live in Provo, and it was about a 15 minute drive to the trailhead.  We started the trail at the wrong place and ended up walking the steep way to the cross.  We followed the correct path back via Spanish Oaks Campground.  There are clearly marked signs if you start at the correct location.  The first section of the trail via Snell canyon was beautiful this time of year and we really want to come back and hike further up Snell canyon.  We hear there is a good lookout point a few miles up the canyon.

Escalante Cross

As you can see, this location is fairly near the Spanish Fork Windmills that kids (and adults) find so entertaining to watch.  The steel cross is held in place by a cement foundation and wires due to high winds in the area.

Family at Escalante Cross

Don’t follow our path!

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