Slate Canyon Loop Trail


Distance: 7.5 miles RT
Time: 6-7 hours with kids
Start: Y Mountain Trail
Difficulty: Moderate – Strenuous
Elevation Gain: 3110 ft (In the first 3.5 miles)

We left a car at the new slate canyon parking area and then drove our other vehicle on to Y mountain trail.  We started the hike at 9am so the sun was still behind the mountain (recommended for this hot & steep hike).  See my notes on the Y mountain hike as these notes start above the Y.

From the top of the Y (already 1 Mile) there is a narrow trail leading to the South East leading up to what my Grandfather called Rattlesnake point.  Many flowers were in bloom and it made the hike very beautiful.

This is the longest hike we have taken our entire family on.  The kids all did great and made it without too much complaining – I believe it came down to having a lot of snacks, lunch, and breaks whenever needed.

We also saw some wildlife (and even caught some – catch & release of course)

At around 2 miles and a few more switchbacks we made it to a lovely meadow.  Just beyond the meadow is where the trail splits and you can choose to climb to the peak (trail heads North) or go on towards slate canyon (continues East), but unfortunately there are no signs indicating which is which.

The trail is pretty decent at this point, going through small groves of until leading to another meadow where you can take a trail to Rock Canyon if you are really ambitious (I believe the trail was 19 miles, the trail sign was lying flat on the ground.  I believe this is  also where the trail to Maple Flatts begins but we kept going straight ahead.

At around 3.5 miles, you finally reach the top where you can actually find a sign and see the carved stairs on the mountain.

The trail down is a bit steep with a lot of loose rocks.  We even went through a section were underground water flowed directly down the trail.  But soon you will come to another meadow or bowl at the top of Slate Canyon.  There is a fountain of fresh water (or so we’ve been told) flowing where you can fill up your water bottles.  Only collect it from the tube and only when necessary (Giardia would not be pleasant).

Enjoy the cool rock formations common in our local mountains

The trip total distance was 7.5 miles and it took us 5 hours.  We are all very soar and decided we would have an evening of movies and relaxing.

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