Hidden Haven Waterfall

Nice trail with multiple bridges, a small stream and a waterfall. If you happen to be on your way to Cedar Breaks or staying in Parowan UT, Hidden Haven trailhead is under a 10 minutes drive up the canyon and offers a quick, easy and fun hike. See the damage from a previous flood. Distance: ... Continue Reading →

The Big Island – Hawaii – Day 4

First stop of the day was Lava Tree State Park (free entry & parking).  The reviews made me think we’d only want to be there about 15 minutes, but the path was actually longer than we thought and it was very pretty.  Imagine slow moving lava surrounding and burning trees as it progresses towards the... Continue Reading →

The Big Island – Hawaii

We love visiting Hawaii! The beauty, variety of ecosystems, laid back culture, and friendly people. Our first visit to Hawaii was in 2010 to Oahu - this was our first real couples vacation after starting our family in 2000. We loved the Polynesian Cultural Center, visiting the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of... Continue Reading →

Fay Canyon

Easy level hike through Fay Canyon, which may lead to a waterfall at certain times of the year. There is also an arch that requires some rock scrambling and good maps to find. Distance:            2-3 milesTime:                     1-2 hoursStart:       ... Continue Reading →

Kanarra Creek Canyon

One of my kids favorite hikes!  Must be willing to get wet and climb a rickety ladder.  What an adventure. Distance: 4 miles round trip (to make it to the waterfall) Time: 3-4 hours Start: Parking Lot on 100 N. Kanarraville UT Difficulty: Moderate Elevation Gain: 800-900 ft Fee: $9/person ($8 + $1 processing fee)... Continue Reading →

Stairs Gulch

Distance: 1.5 miles RT Time: 1-2 hours Start: A few miles up Big Cottonwood canyon Difficulty: Easy at the beginning, but Moderate to the waterfall Elevation Gain: 977 This is a hike you can do over a lunch hour, but if you want to hike to the waterfall or beyond you will need some good... Continue Reading →

Box Canyon to Waterfall

Distance: 1.5 miles RT Time: 2 hours Start: Half way up the canyon towards Maple Canyon Campground - North side of road Difficulty: Easy at the beginning, but Moderate to the waterfall, difficult to climb the waterfall Elevation Gain: 356 Box canyon is private property so please respect the area so it can remain accessible.... Continue Reading →

Mill B North Trail

Distance: 4.5 Miles RT Time: 2 hours. Start: 4.5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon at the S curve Difficulty: Moderate Elevation Gain:  2061 ft I decided to go for a lunch hike today.  I work close to the mouth of the Big Cottonwood Canyon so it is easy to go up the canyon for a quick hike.... Continue Reading →

Ferguson Canyon Trail

Distance:  1.7 Miles RT Time:  1 hour. Start: Timberline Dr Difficulty: Family Friendly - Moderate Elevation Gain: 590 ft I only hike for a little under an hour when it started to rain & hail on me, but there is still plenty to see in this time frame.  The trail begins on Timberline Dr (a dead-end street), where there... Continue Reading →

Battle Creek Falls Hike

Distance:  1.4 Miles RT Time:  1 hour. Start: End of Battle Creek Dr. in Pleasant Grove Difficulty: Family Friendly - Moderate Elevation Gain: 444 ft Battle Creek Falls is a short hike (a little less than 1.5 miles round trip), to a pretty decent waterfall.  The trail continues past the waterfall, but we didn't make it that... Continue Reading →

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