Stairs Gulch


Distance: 1.5 miles RT
Time: 1-2 hours
Start: A few miles up Big Cottonwood canyon
Difficulty: Easy at the beginning, but Moderate to the waterfall
Elevation Gain: 977

This is a hike you can do over a lunch hour, but if you want to hike to the waterfall or beyond you will need some good hiking shoes.

Start at one one of two parking areas on the South side of the street. The biggest one is at the “Storm Mountain Quartzites” sign:

You will be crossing the river a few times depending on which trail you follow. Yes, there are points where the trail is on both sides and the trail isn’t very pronounced (more like a regularly traveled animal trail). I probably wouldn’t try to take young kids to the waterfall, but they will love the first part of the trail and playing in the water.

The views of the rock formation and cliffs is amazing

Steep section of trail below waterfall.

And finally a decent waterfall – about 8 ft:
Stairs Gulch Waterfall

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