The Big Island – Hawaii – Day 4

First stop of the day was Lava Tree State Park (free entry & parking).  The reviews made me think we’d only want to be there about 15 minutes, but the path was actually longer than we thought and it was very pretty.  Imagine slow moving lava surrounding and burning trees as it progresses towards the... Continue Reading →

The Big Island – Hawaii

We love visiting Hawaii! The beauty, variety of ecosystems, laid back culture, and friendly people. Our first visit to Hawaii was in 2010 to Oahu - this was our first real couples vacation after starting our family in 2000. We loved the Polynesian Cultural Center, visiting the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of... Continue Reading →

Wind Cave Trail

Near Paradise UT.  Trail has a decent incline and ends with a decent size cave/arch.  Bring lunch and enjoy the view. Distance:              3.58 miles round trip Time:                   1.5 hours Start: Difficulty:            Moderate Elevation Gain: 715 Fee: ... Continue Reading →

Goblin Valley – Goblin’s Lair

Distance: 2.5 miles RT Time: 1-2 hours (depends on time exploring the cave) Start: North edge of parking lot (overlooking Goblin Valley) Difficulty: Moderate Elevation Gain: 390 Bring: Flashlight & water Your kids won't want to do this hike unless you set the stage (or until they've already had some time to explore the hoodoos... Continue Reading →

Snow Canyon – Lava Flows Trail

Bring a few flashlights if you want to explore the lava flow cave.  It goes back in at least 100 ft and is very dark at the rear.  It is also very rocky with low ceilings around the edges.  So you will have banged up chins and forehead if you don't have enough light. "Lava Flow... Continue Reading →

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