Ferguson Canyon Trail


Distance:  1.7 Miles RT
Time:  1 hour.
Start: Timberline Dr
Difficulty: Family Friendly – Moderate
Elevation Gain: 590 ft

I only hike for a little under an hour when it started to rain & hail on me, but there is still plenty to see in this time frame.  The trail begins on Timberline Dr (a dead-end street), where there are probably 8-10 actual trail parking spaces.  After a gradual incline and about when you get to the water tower, you’ll have great views of the valley.  From there you descend into the trees until you are following the river.  Even on a warm day, you can relax in the partial shade.

Once you enter Ferguson Canyon, you will see the awesome granite shapes and the many rock climbing opportunities.  There must be a lot of water flowing at this time of year due to all the rain, so I had to hop and jump between rocks because parts of the trail where flowing with water (just a few inches in most places, but I didn’t wear shoes that could get wet).

Ferguson Canyon Trail
Ferguson Canyon Trail

I made it to a good stopping point at around .85 miles where there is a nice waterfall…

Ferguson Canyon waterfall

I started leaving to the sound of thunder and before long it was raining and hailing on me.  My shoes and pants were pretty wet (so much for avoiding the water on the trail), but I luckily brought a good rain jacket.

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