Willow Heights Trail


Distance: 2.2 miles RT (includes loop around lake)
Time: 1 hour
Start: 11.6 miles up the canyon (about 19 min from the mouth of the canyon)
Difficulty: Family friendly
Elevation Gain: 656 ft (mostly in the first .5 mile)

This was a great quick hike.  I love to find short hikes that can be done in an hour or two that are actually interesting.  Apparently there are two starting point, one from the main road (where I started) and one from the neighborhood just down the road on the North side.  There is plenty of parking on the main road on either side.  The following carved stone is at the beginning on the trail:

And just after this is the trail marker:

The trail is fairly steep in the first half mile, and is then pretty mild for the rest of the hike.  There aren’t any switchbacks, so you make good progress to the end goal.  The trail is mostly through Quaking Aspens groves:

In the meadow, you will see a small pond (possibly with Frog croaking), maybe some burrowing mammals like the squirrel and some good views of the mountains and ski resort on the other side:

And the lake at the top.  It was interesting that no water was coming into the lake/pond, but there was a small stream flowing from it (perhaps some underground spring):

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