Favorite Hikes in Sedona


Sedona is one of our favorite places to hike, there are so many hikes to do and each one is so unique. We’ve been there twice now, once in early Spring and once in the middle of winter. Be aware that it does get busy here and there are often traffic jams getting in to town or getting around town.

#5 Fay Canyon Trail – Apparently there is a nice arch that you can see if you take the right side trail, which we did not. We went past the official end of the trail because the end was abrupt at what might be a waterfall, but there wasn’t any water. We went until the trail got pretty rough and then turned around.

#4 Devil’s Bridge – The first half of the hike wasn’t that great, but it got better as you went. The bridge was really cool, but there is usually a line of people waiting to go out onto the bridge. The bridge is a bit scary, but it is really wider and safer than it looks in most pictures. Still be careful and hold on to those kids. Pictures from on top of the bridge are really fun and makes this trip well worth it.

#3 Bell Rock Loop – The conditions for our hike to Bell Rock loop made it what it was. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun in full sun. It was mostly overcast with clouds hovering around and passing around the various mountains. The views were just terrific. It rained on us for a bit and because we decided to climb up a part of Bell Rock, we had to be extra careful because some parts got slick. There were several good spots to get pictures on mounds, overhangs, etc. that looked pretty epic. Again, please be careful.

#2 Woods Canyon Trail – This hike wasn’t even planned, but thrown in at the last moment because the weather was bad in downtown Sedona but fine further away. Woods Canyon trail starts from the Ranger station parking lot, it crosses small rivers, has free range cows roaming around, and is very long, but I was amazed at the various landscapes and plant life that we encountered.

#1 Cathedral Rock was very fun for almost the whole family. I need to blog about this one still. My wife, who is afraid of heights, decided not to complete the trail. The kids love the flexibility to just climb on the rock, wherever they wanted.

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