Fifth Water Hot Springs – Diamond Fork


Distance: 5 miles RT
Time: 2 hours
Start: Diamond Fork Canyon – Three forks parking lot
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Elevation Gain: 904

This is a very popular trail and the dirt parking lot is often very full. I’ve done this hike several times and still find it enjoyable. I have even taken scout groups there twice and there is always a concern with modesty, but he haven’t had any issues yet. There are places to camp along the trail if you want to make it a multiple day event. There are restrooms at the parking lot. There is another trail near the parking lot heading over the stream, we haven’t tried this trail yet, so stick on the trail that is on the north side of “sixth water creek”.

Sixth Water Creek Bridge

When you reach the bridge that crosses the creek and changes your direction you are almost half way there. You will now be following “fifth water creek” (someone wasn’t very creative when naming these creeks). It’s really cool to keep an eye on the creek and see the water color start to change and look a little more milky and moss will be more prevalent. The smell of sulfur in the air is also a good indicator that you are getting close.

Moss in Fifth Water Creek

There are several man-made pools built at the hot springs where you can sit back and relax. Keep exploring past the first pools until you get to the waterfall. The temperature will range drastically depending on where you are (some spots are too hot to stay in for more than a few seconds). The waterfall rolls over the rock wall which actually has a whole in in and you can climb up and under the rock to stick your head through the rock. We’ve been there when the waterfall has very little water (mostly from underground thermal springs), to a good flow of cold water from snow melt.

Fifth Hot Springs
Fifth Hot Springs Waterfall

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