Snow Canyon – Johnston Canyon


This is a new favorite hike of mine in Snow Canyon.   The path is great for the whole family.  Because you enter a canyon about half way through you are somewhat protected from the elements.  There is a great arch, a small stream, sand, lava rock, etc…

“Johnson Canyon – 2 miles. Easy. Level with some rocky slopes and steps. Leads to a sheltered canyon of willow and cottonwood, winding through lava flows and red rock to an arch spanning 200 feet.  Closed annually from March 15 to September 14”

– State Park Web Site

Johnson Arch

Johnston Arch


End of the trail

At other times of the year, there is water coming down off this cliff as evident from the dark stains and the pool like area at the base.

Stream mostly frozen in December
Lava Rock and Red Rock

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