Lake Blanche Hike


Distance: 6.5 miles RT
Time: 3 hours
Start: S-Curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 2720 ft

The hike to Lake Blanch is approximately 6.5 Miles round trip.  It is a gentle climb, the trail is decent, and it has good trail markers.  No dogs are allowed in the Cottonwood canyons due to it being a water shed – you will get fined.

Lake Blanche Trail Map


Twin Peaks Wilderness


Trail through Aspens


Lake Blanche Trail looking down

For a very small section of the trail you’ll need to be able to to walk on large boulders.

Boulders near Lake Blanche

Climbing this in May, meant I was hiking in snow for the last portion, but I love the contrast of the blue skies, white snow and red rocks.
Lake Blanche


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