Split Oak Trail


Loop trail(s) near the airport in Orlando Florida.  See mossy trees, strange mushrooms, lakes, and even some wildlife.

Distance:             7.47 mile loop
Time:                     3 hours
Start:                    Moss Park campground
Difficulty:            Medium
Elevation Gain:  
Fee:                        $3

There are two access points into this trail system.  I entered through the North entrance (Moss Park) and had to pay a small day use fee – $3 I believe.  There is a nice camping area here and kids were playing and biking on the hill near the trail head.  I think you can see how the park got it’s name…

There are a lot of different trails you can travel on.  I wanted to see as much as I could so I started on the Swamp Trail (or trail to Moss park),  started North on the North/Salt trail (green), then took the Lake loop (blue 1.2 miles) until it connected back to green.  Then I went around the entire green loop (5.3 miles) and returned out the same way I came in.


In order to see this view from a short board walk, you must take the lake loop.  There wasn’t a sign out to here, but the map I received at Moss Park showed this short little side trail.  In the distance, I saw two dear trying to stay far away from me.

A lot of greens and browns, this little yellow plant was a bright spot on the trail. 

I’m fascinated by all the different variety of vegetation (especially mushrooms) I see at various locations.  

I enjoyed the walk, but had I know that the south loop didn’t really give me much new to look at, I would probably recommend you cut across the center trail and skip the bottom loop. 


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