Cedar Breaks – Alpine Pond Trail


This trail has some views of Cedar Breaks, but the pond was the real central point.  Learn about the Pika! 

Distance:              2.2 miles round trip
Time:                     1 hour
Start:                     Chessman Ridge Overlook or another parking lot to the North in Cedar Breaks (37.630665,-112.8320848)
Difficulty:            Easy
Elevation Gain: 200 ft
Fees:                     $7/person for adults (13+) for entrance into Cedar Breaks

Closed November-May! For $2 pick up a trail guide at the start of the hike which has 20+ markers where you can read about special features of the area (like the native Pika having a 104 degree body temperature). From Chessman Ridge you wont be doing the markers in order but there is a nice lookout right before you start the trail. We did the lower section first so that we could get to the pond sooner. The kids loved the crystal clear water, standing on logs in the water and looking for the red salamanders (none where seen) and we only had one child fall into the pond. There is also a trail connecting the upper and lower trails at the pond if you want to cut the loop in half. We did the full loop and enjoyed it very much.

Although dead trees don’t necessarily add to the beauty of this area, these trees were mostly killed by the bark beetle and are left in place to provide shelter, food, and habitat for other plants and animals as the trees decompose.  And it is pretty neat to understand and appreciate these natural processes.  


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