Canyonlands – Upheaval Dome


One of the must do hikes in Canyonlands National Park is Upheaval Dome. One of my sons wants to be a geologist so this was an especially interesting hike for him. He and I hiked to both overlooks. The first overlook is only a 0.6 mile RT hike and takes you to a really decent viewpoint of the crater. I felt it was difficult to get a good picture from here that really showed the size of the crater.

Distance:            1.82 miles RT
Time:                   1 hour
Start:                   At the end of Upheaval Dome Road.
Difficulty:           Moderate
Elevation Gain: 350 ft

Going to the second overlook adds just over a mile to the RT trip length. The view from the second viewpoint is lower and a better place to get a panoramic picture.

First Overlook
2nd Overlook

If you are short on time and your choice is between going to the 2nd viewpoint or doing another hike, I would probably say take the other hike (especially if you have kids with you).

Bring a lot of water. In desert conditions you should drink a gallon of water per day.

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