Capitol Reef – Cohab Canyon Hike


Lucky for us, we had friends camping with us.  We had them drive and drop us off at the trailhead near Hickman Bridge and then hiked back to the campground.  This way worked out great since it is a slow gradual climb and then a steep downhill at the end rather than the other way around.  In the middle of the hike there is a breakout trail to the North and South overlooks.  We did both of these and the views are pretty amazing (but the North overlook is the longer of the two – so if time is an issue, just go to the South overlook):

South Overlook
North Overlook

This trail has one tank and several slot canyons (not part of the main trail, but small juts out on both sides:

Slot Canyon

These are apparently petrified tree roots and the green color has something to do with the nutrients removed from the soil by the roots:

Petrified tree roots

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