Stewart Falls


This is a fun trail starting from above Sundance in a place called Aspen Grove.  To get to the main parking lot you pass a fee station where you have to pay a few bucks.  I’m not aware of anywhere else nearby you can park and hike so you might as well just pay the fee.  If you go up in the evening, there may not be anyone manning the fee station, but they still expect you to pay at one of the self-pay stations via cash or check.  The parking lot is often very busy, but don’t worry too much, as many of the hikers are hiking to Timp summit (the main trail from the center of the parking lot).  The trailhead for Stewart Falls is near the restrooms.  You may want to take some cream or gel because there is poison ivy alongside this trail at several locations.

Poison Ivy


Beautiful Mountains

You can climb to the middle of the two falls, but this isn’t recommended for your little ones as it is quite steep and slippery.

Stewart Falls

You can also walk under the waterfall if you don’t mind a cold beating…

Under the waterfall

And if you are lucky, there are some moose that live in the area.  We saw this baby moose resting about 10 ft off the trail and only 100 ft away from the parking area.  Don’t approach wild animals, adult moose are very dangerous and wont hesitate to charge you if they feel you are a threat.

Baby Moose

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