The Big Island – Hawaii – Day 6

We drove back to the Volcano overlook this morning to see it one last time before we head to the Southernmost point of the United States. This is the third time we’ve driven this road, so we’ve heard the Shaka guide story about the Hawaiian Queen who converted to Christianity and threw rocks in the... Continue Reading →

The Big Island – Hawaii – Day 4

First stop of the day was Lava Tree State Park (free entry & parking).  The reviews made me think we’d only want to be there about 15 minutes, but the path was actually longer than we thought and it was very pretty.  Imagine slow moving lava surrounding and burning trees as it progresses towards the... Continue Reading →

The Big Island – Hawaii – Day 1 & 2

We found a great deal on flights to the Big Island ($280 roundtrip using Flights From Home), so we decided to take the whole family on an adventure. Jeri and I have been to Oahu and Maui and love the Hawaiian Islands, and jumped at this opportunity to see another island. Traveling to Hawaii during... Continue Reading →

The Big Island – Hawaii

We love visiting Hawaii! The beauty, variety of ecosystems, laid back culture, and friendly people. Our first visit to Hawaii was in 2010 to Oahu - this was our first real couples vacation after starting our family in 2000. We loved the Polynesian Cultural Center, visiting the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of... Continue Reading →

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